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Where nomads stop to rest

Help Us Go Eco Wise

Only you can help make a change

Please be advised that our guesthouse has a NO single use plastics:

  • No single-use plastic cups
  • No single-use plastic plates
  • No single-use plastic utensils
  • No single-use plastic straws
  • No single-use plastic bags
  • Please help save water, the world most precious resources

    • Reduce the time in the shower
    • Don’t let the water run while you brush your teeth
    • Don’t flush insects down the toilet
    • Don’t let the water run while washing dishes
  • Please help save water

    • Take short showers
    •  Reuse towels
    • Don’t let the water run down the drain while brushing

While shopping, think about where your plastic will end up. Please practice:

  • Reducing amount of plastic that you bring home
  • Reusing plastic whenever possible
  • Recycle; please know that most recycle end up in the landfill.
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